Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell smiling to the camera in 2001.

How many pictures does Virginia Roberts have to show to ‘prove’ her version of events?
How many victims does it take to bring down a modern day Goliath?
Who else went to Little Saint James?
Why did Epstein and his associate die in their prison cells?
Why do power and status enable sexual assault?
Questions & complaints that will forever be unanswered and unheard.
This 7 part podcast about Ghislaine Maxwell, her relationships with Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew, is a heart-breaking eye opener on the injustices of our world, on the abuse of power and the absurdity of our judiciary systems.

A satirical street mural of Prince Andrew has been painted on the streets of Oxford earlier this year. The ‘Jim Fixed It For Me’ badge alludes to the serial sex offender Jimmy Savile’s television show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’. The graffiti [a public complaint] was painted while the Prince was facing a civil court case in New York over sexual assault allegations.
The mural has been covered in red paint a short time after its appearance

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