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Inhabiting the complaint – about feeling it in your body

What does it feel like inhabiting your complaint? How do you experience, as the complainer, your body becoming a testimony of the work of complaint?1 Where do you feel the process of having to prove that you are or were underlying an experience of injustice and that were you were harmed? And how does it feel to find no support and no way out of this situation? Where do you feel it in your body? How does it manifest losing their sense of clarity and no longer being able to trust your body to tell you what is right or wrong?

1 See: Ahmed, S. (2021): Complaint!. Durham: Duke University Press, p.39.

An attempt to visualize: 

Ahmed, S. (2021): Complaint!. Durham: Duke University Press:

The less backing you have, the more weight you have to bear. (p.39)

You swallow it. (p.48)

A complaint can feel sticky: the longer it takes to make, the more it sticks to you. (p.117)

In the thick of it. (p.103)

Being shattered is not always a place from which we can speak. (p.14)

You are trying to hold yourself together. (p.117)

The lack of clarity of the process becomes the world you inhabit: nothing is clear. (p.44)

Complaints, wherever they go, often end up in filling cabinets, those handy containers. We too can become containers. (p.117)

Bodies can also store what minds file away, which is how we come to feel the truth of something in our bones. (p.108)

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