With your permission, and I hope I’m not in such bad taste, I bring here a series from netflix, which is directly related to our topic.

It is a current reference of popular culture. Problematic like any television event, due to the spectacle, dramatization and sometimes light way of dealing with complex issues. And also under the suspicion and mistrust generated by a platform like Netflix telling contemporary history.

Beyond the care and distance that will have to be exercised in the face of the trendy phenomenon of historicization of the last 30 years, as well as the gentrified contemporary portrait of the globalized society in which we live; I find it interesting not to ignore the new audio-visual novels that millions of people consume. And at least recognize some accurate issues that I find in this series.

Created by American writer Amanda Peet and Harvard PhD Annie Julia Wyman, the show stars Sandra Oh as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman chair of the English Department at a stuffy ambient.

Short and not exhaustive, it captures at least, not perfectly, entrenched structures, such as sexism and racism in the world of universities; and how “seemingly open” institutions still struggle with including marginalized groups and diverse candidates in their jobs.

I think it is not bad to take a look at it if we are reading this book. And thus be able to discuss the relevance of its existence, and if it adds to or subtracts from the theme, dramatizing it and including a perhaps cheesy love story. Not without saying that perhaps it is also conservative in its critique of power.

I close this brief review, highlighting the humor of the series, without forgetting and thanking that this factor is always oxygenating.

The invitation to discuss is open.

Here is one of the most interesting reviews I found online, by cultural writer Alessa Dominguez.

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