(Un)numbed body

In the left part of my belly it burns
Whenever my speech I’ve decided tu numb
In Freud words it would be called repression
So that’s why my body reacts to it in compression

It sounds, it twists
And therefore I wonder
Which of my experiences I’ve determined to carry
as a silent burden?

Is it fear to think about it and letting it out?
Cause it could upset the status quo
If i reclaim and speak and shout

Public sphere discourages making waves
So it take brave to speak out
reclaim and complain

For the sake of my guts
I have resolved to tell
Despite fright or the warning to fail
I prefer my discomfort exhale

I amplify the voice of my thoughts
Therefore my reasons I talk
Speaking out-loud when something is wrong
Decompressing my pain which no longer prolongs

Communicating bodies. Image from artist Francisca Benitez (Chile) “Soliloquy in Signs” (2014)

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