“WHYMAR” – a series of photos in Weimar while I complain about why I am here (and not in Berlin).

WHYMAR. 2021. Parra.
  1. Me + Tote Bag “Why”. Early this year i casually designed some tote bags that say WHY. Maybe it was my unconscious expressing the feeling I had when I moved from Berlin to Weimar and could not start my studies there. This picture was taken by a friend of mine while I was sitting waiting for him.
  2. The place I learn in. Since 2018 I was manifesting my desire to pursue my studies in Germany, mostly to have the chance to get in touch with the Bauhaus somehow. Life has been so magical that I’ve had the chances to be in the places I’ve always wanted. Life shakes me and moves form place to place. This picture was taken by me in the room of Graphic Design in M1. (please don’t misunderstand me. i feel very fortunate and the proudest to be studying here.)
  3. The place I live in. I feel very grateful to have the chance of having my own safe space and have all the privileges I have. I started living in this new room since Oct.2021 and it is the place where I have lived where I have felt the best. It is big, bright and I really feel at home in here. This picture is of my desk.
  4. The road to Weimar. This year I stated as a purpose to travel to Berlin as much as I can. I’ve done it 2 times since I said it would be a goal from now on until I finally go back and live there. The feeling that I embody every time I am on the road in the highway going out of Berlin is something I can not explain with words, but even though I try to explain it I know it is hard that someone relates to that emotion. I took this picture on my trip Berlin-Weimar the 01.11.2021.
  5. Things I do. Last Sunday my roommate and I decided to explore our creativity in a more analog/crafty way so we decided to take out some paper, watercolours and start drawing. We decided the topic was Weimar. She represented in her own way what Weimar means to her. Mine was more of a rebranding of the city’s name and what it causes me. This picture contains the final result of our drawings.
  6. Things I feel. As autumn settles in and winter approaches, nostalgia is also coming to Weimar to knock my door. I love the cold, but it doesn’t feel the same if it’s shared. I am still adapting myself to the seasons, as im adapting too to many other changes. This photo was taken yesterday at 16:45 and I wanted to send it to my parents to show them how homesick this panorama made me feel.

By gabriela parra

21. bauhaus universit├Ąt weimar

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