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The approved annual schedule for electricity, according to the people’s expectations, is as follows:
During the spring and fall seasons: moderate cut-off hours ranging from 3 or 4 hours of electricity to 1 to 2 hours cut throughout the day.
Sometimes it gets better depending on the weather.
During the winter and summer seasons: As we approach the two virtuous seasons, the cut-off hours gradually increase, ranging between 4 or 5 hours, to 1 or 2 hours of electricity throughout the day.
When it is very cold or hot, the cutting hours may increase to 6 or 7, 8 hours or more in exchange for an hour or half an hour of electricity….
For days….. and more…..
Damascus is the spoiled city of course, and those were the expectations of its people unless they live in the fanciest neighborhoods.

Two weeks ago my parents told me that the electricity would shut down for 30 continuous hours in the village. comes back for half or one hour.


Majd Al-Hennawi

Rand Ibrahim


Rand Ibrahim