My wife and children dragged me on one occasion to the public pool in Weimar. I have always disliked swimming pools. The following poem is inspired by this experience so mundane and yet remarkable.

Surrounded by a world in other bay;
The blush went up, up, up
glory of light, body and mind
Cool of hair

Brought the fair view of the fresh free form,
Throne of water of celestial hue,
Turn away the gaze
Encircled by a perfect float they fade.

Laid my fair daughter on the pool,
Wild winds and breast strokes
Step after step my curved feet turn,
Spring of the great ethereal blue

Now, back to land with gleaming glory
By way of the forest past the ash

I was the only person of color in the pool at that time. My children take after their mother who has light skin. They didn’t notice this. I did however. Being wet, cold and non white among all whites makes you think.

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