Tonight no poetry will serve

I would like to share this poem from poetess Adrienne Rich, whom I discovered while researching about the artist I chose for the essay writing for this course, Alfredo Jaar. He takes her as inspiration for titling one of his exhibition´s at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, Finland in 2014.

Tonight No Poetry Will Serve, (2007) Adrienne Rich

Saw you walking barefoot
taking a long look
at the new moon’s eyelid

later spread
sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair
asleep but not oblivious
of the unslept unsleeping

Tonight I think
no poetry
will serve

Syntax of rendition:

verb pilots the plane
adverb modifies action

verb force-feeds noun
submerges the subject
noun is choking
verb disgraced goes on doing

now diagram the sentence

Adrienne Rich, Baltimore USA (1929-2012), Poetess, writer and activist

When a person is deprived for their rights, is art and poetry ways in which is possible to mend irreparable wounds?

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