I was Here

Hello. I cooked the dinner. I dusted the house, cleaned the windows. 
Hello. I took care of your plants. Washed your clothes. Bought your favorite cake. Can you smell that? This is your coffee. I collected your letters, put them on your desk; next to those beautiful flowers that you didn’t buy for me.
Hello. I was here. I lived here. Can you see that hair strand on the pillow? That’s mine. But you don’t remember. can you see that pack of cigarettes? That’s mine. But you don’t remember. 
I am leaving today. You know my departure time. You know my flight number. You will look at your watch, then at the sky. You will let me be gone in silence. I am the plaintiff. You didn’t recognize my My departure, Therefore it is so hard to “be” somewhere else. I deserved that, you withheld it from me. I am complaining, you still don’t hear me.

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