“How far are you willing to go?”

“In practice, noneperformativity means the same practice. If the policy is treated as if does not exist, it does not come into use.” _ Sara Ahmed. policies that are just sitting there might as well be a key for some institutions to get positive press when asked about their existing policies or asked to change their policies. This doesn’t necessarily mean the implement of a brand new policy made buy someone who can take responsibility, but in many cases the disposal of what they consider a problem meaning the person who is complaining rather to dispose the real problem the complaint was about. It’s not which organization you belong to or work for that matters, it’s about what you believe in and how far you are willing to go. “An experience of sexism and misogyny becomes more difficult to process because to recognize what is going on can mean giving up a belief in an organization.” Sara Ahmed. we are dealing just with words, names and propaganda. Just because an organization claims that it’s doing a certain good towards something doesn’t necessarily mean that it supports that cause. Unfortunately many of those organizations are possessed by the same people who would shut the complaints and the complainers down and rather use those complaints to showcase that their doing something about it and celebrate their vage achievements. 

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