A “just ear”

Hearing a complaint is not the same as hearing a person complaining. It can be difficult or even impossible in some cases to complain, or for one to express themselves. But it can also get as difficult for the person hearing it specially if one does not have a “just ear” or how Sara Ahmed calls it “a feminist ear“ nor the sufficient education that includes all kinds of beings of different ethnicities, sexual orientations and backgrounds thus making it impossible to understand, reflect and coexist. That leads to all sorts of discrimination and exile. “To hear with a feminist ear is to hear who is not heard, how we are not heard. If we are taught to tune out some people, then a feminist ear is an achievement.” _Sara Ahmed. To hear a complaint that has been made many times before throughout history, is also to hear the silence and to understand the reason of void. in other words, “hearing complaints can also be how you learn how complaints are not heard.”_ Sara Ahmed. 

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