Fake Freedom

Many times we try to believe what we see with our eyes, but in fact the truth is not so. In China, as a student, I tried to find a course I really liked, or a direction I wanted to try, but because of the university system, I was not qualified to be in any class that was not related to my main major. This is not common in European art universities, but in China it is a hard rule, we don’t have a lot of space to communicate, our needs are ignored and we are buried in a lot of homework every day. Yet university is still regarded by many parents as a synonym for freedom. The university’s complaint channels are always open, appear to be very liberal, and are willing to listen to different voices. Everyone is allowed to complain. This gives a false impression, but in fact, the university will only stop you and tell you not to do so, so that it does not match the group, out of the group is a mistake. Complainers at the university are usually warned and there are consequences. That consequence is the cost of complaining.

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