A work of collage, starting point : the listening ear

The voice with no differents in tone, a computer speaking words it doesn’t even understand. As I sit on the white chair of the room in Jakobsplan, I listen to the computer voice reading Complaint by Sara Ahmed. The standard voice of an electronic device artificially pronounces the words.

The phenomenology approach,
Philosophical method developed by Edmund Husserl, which proposes a whole new approach to knowledge. The phenomenological method does not focus on the concrete things and their coherence, but wants to penetrate to the essence and meaning of things, through spiritual-intuitive contemplation.

Cultural dictionary, 30.11.2021,

Thus, I will experience the chapter “mind the gap” from a detached perspective. Not “my own voice” telling the written down words. Interactive.

Collage work of the captured sentences.

Page 1, collage, a complaint about the complaint.
drawing by Sofie Bussé (symbols of moving, lines of the path).
Page 2, collage, a mythical golden egg.
Page 3, collage, hard to find, difficult to follow.
Page 4, collage, the surreal, a drawing of the complaint.
drawing research body movement performance.
Page 5, collage, The complaint graveyard, the emotional damage.

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