“Therefore I complain” – a poem.

Weimar. 2021. Parra.

I complain because of the remain

of emptiness of this chapter that caused me so much pain.

I complain also for this not to maintain,

cause every tear I’ve dropped just morphs into rain.

And i am sick to contain

this body from drowning again.

Should I stay forever this lain?

I know this will keep tormenting my brain.

Even though I know it is uncertain

I just don’t want to over-explain.

Therefore i complain.

A poem I wrote amid the lines of Sara Ahmed’s book Complaint! 

I got inspired by the feeling that drove me into situations in which I felt so saturated by a specific experience and I just felt the need to explode and say it outloud but at the same time I didn’t want to be repetitive or simply to be a fuss to anyone in my surrounding.

This also makes me think that I am not the only person that has felt this and maybe it is one of the reasons most people avoid making a complaint or even speak up when they feel uncomfortable with something.

By gabriela parra

21. bauhaus universität weimar

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